Bible craft, Facebook detox, and pray with the Pope

Our round-up this week includes something for you, a smile or two, and some food for thought. Oh, and a craft. Because even the craft-averse among us can handle this one.

Celebrate the Gospels as a family.

Every Saturday on our Instagram feed, you’ll find a quick reflection on the weekend’s Gospels.

Find leisure.

When we talk about rest and leisure, too often we equate it with wasting time or simply being idle. Let’s not forget that our lives are to be centered on Christ, not on the workweek or the work we do (home or office!).

Do you need a Facebook detox?

What would you do without Facebook? You might just find yourself communicating better and spending time differently.

Pray with the Pope.

This month, Pope Francis’s intentions are for young people in Africa. Let’s include that in our prayers together.

Enjoy a Bible craft.

Kids love noise. Kids love messes. Kids love crafts. So what if we told you could get an A+ in all three of those areas with one project? Lacy at Catholic Icing has an easy-peasy tambourine that ties in Psalm 100’s “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” admonition and as much (or as little) decoration as you want to include.

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