February Gospels: Questions to ask your kids


Use the following summaries and questions to help explain this month’s Gospels to your kids.

Feb. 2 | The Presentation of the Lord

Luke 2:22-40: At the time Jesus was born there was a custom that after several weeks mothers and fathers would bring their babies to the Temple (their church) to be presented. Today’s Gospel tells that story. Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the Temple; while they are there, they meet Simeon and Anna, who hold Jesus, giving him a blessing and telling Mary and Joseph how special Jesus was.

  • How do you think Mary and Joseph felt when they listened to Anna and Simeon’s words?
  • God gives us people in our lives to tell us how special we are to God. Who are those people in your life?
  • Are there ways you can tell others how special they are to God?
  • “Jesus grew in wisdom, age and grace.” What does that tell us about Jesus?
  • What helps you to grow in wisdom, age and grace?


Feb. 9 | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:13-16: This week we have the wonderful Gospel in which Jesus tells his followers they are like salt and light — because those things are so important in all of life! Jesus’ followers must bring the brightness and savoring of God’s word and love into today’s world.

  • How have you let your light shine?
  • How have you or will you “add flavor” to the lives of others?
  • Who in your life most needs your “light”? What kind of light do you have to give?
  • Who in the world (that you don’t know) can be helped by your light? What would you do to spread your light to them?
  • Why do we call Jesus the Light of the World?


Feb. 16 | Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:17-37: Jesus teaches us how to follow the commandments, which is very demanding. He reminds us that it’s not just about the things we do, but it is also how we think and feel about our actions, about the people in our lives. Jesus calls us to more, to holiness.

  • Of the demands in today’s Gospel, which one is easiest for you? Which one is most difficult?
  • If Jesus were here today, what other demands do you think he would add for today’s life, today’s world?
  • Are there times you concentrate on the letter of the law? Are there times you concentrate on doing more? What “more” do you do? Could you do?


Feb. 23 | Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:38-48: Some of the people who listened to Jesus thought that “love your neighbor” meant “love those who are like you.” But Jesus’ teaching was much bigger: love not only strangers and foreigners but enemies.

  • How do you think those listenering to Jesus felt about the things he was saying in today’s Gospel?
  • Why do you think Jesus always demands our best?
  • Who are your “neighbors”?
  • Who are the people you don’t know that you are called to love? How could you possibly love people you don’t know?
  • Who might be an “enemy”? Why are we called to love them? How could we love them?


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