June Gospels: Questions to ask your kids


Use the following summaries and questions to help explain this month’s Gospels to your kids.

June 2 — Seventh Sunday of Easter or The Ascension of the Lord

John 17:20-26: In today’s Gospel we listen to Jesus’ prayer to his Father during the Last Supper. Jesus prays that all his followers are one; he also prays that all people show their unity by loving one another as God loves them.

What kinds of things separate us? What unites us?

June 9 — Pentecost Sunday

John 20:19-23: Through the Holy Spirit we come to know the risen Jesus. The apostles received Jesus’ peace and his ministry of forgiving sins.

Where was Jesus sending the disciples? Where does Jesus send us today?

June 16 — The Most Holy Trinity

John 16:12-15: As Jesus is about to leave his disciples he reminds them — and us — that the Holy Spirit will always guide the People of God to the truth. Today’s feast celebrates one of the greatest truths of our faith: God is three persons in one.

This week, whenever you pray the Sign of the Cross, do it slowly, thinking of the Trinity.

June 23 — The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Luke 9:11b-17: After Jesus teaches the large crowd, the apostles worry about how they are going to eat. Jesus gives thanks to God, blesses the bread and fish and gives them to the people. When all had finished eating, there was food left over!

Do you pray a blessing prayer before meals? As a family, write a new one you could use.

June 30 — Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 9:51-62: On his way to Jerusalem to face suffering, Jesus responds to three different people who want to follow him. Jesus tells them that it won’t be easy; it might mean giving up home, family and income.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a Christian, a follower of Jesus?

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