Light a prayer candle

Help make your family prayer time special by lighting a candle. If this becomes a regular feature of your prayer time, purchase a white pillar candle and decorate it with Christian symbols and words. If you’re worried about mixing an open flame with children, purchase a realistic-looking electric flameless pillar candle.

You can buy different colored candles for different liturgical seasons—e.g., purple for Lent, green for Ordinary Time, etc. Even if you don’t usually use candles during prayer, be sure to light an Advent Wreath during the season of Advent.


Talking Points: The Light of Christ

Light is a symbol of Christ (John 8:12) as well as of his followers (Matthew 5:14). The practice of lighting candles during prayer reminds us of Christ’s presence as well as our call to bring the light of Christ into the world’s darkness. This is why, since ancient times, candles have been used in connection with the Easter liturgy, the sacrament of Baptism, and the other sacraments.


Learn more:

► Matthew 5:14-16; John 1:1-9; John 8:12
► Catechism 1154, 1189, 1216, 1243