Send your kids to school with a prayer

Starting the day with morning prayer is one of those “core” practices that’s great to make a habit with your kids. Praying with them immediately before school—and specifically for the school day—is another. When you pray for God’s blessing for their school day, you’re equipping them with something far more important than a #2 pencil or textbook!

If you’re the sort of family that is rushing around frantically most mornings, be sure to make your prayer-before-school habit simple, so it can be done on the hoof. Here are some ideas:

At the door.

Keep it simple by blessing one another as you go out the door, or offer a simple one-line prayer: “May God bless you and keep you, all the day long.” Alternatively, simply say a one-line prayer with your hand on their heads: “Lord, bless these kids at school today; send your angels to keep them safe, and give them the grace to do their best in their work and being a witness to your love for all people. Amen,”

In the car.

If you drive your kids to school and they are old enough to read, give one of them a prayer book and ask him to choose a prayer to read on the way. If you have time, ask for prayer intentions for the day (for tests, presentations, sick classmates, etc.).

At the flagpole.

If your church or community sponsors a See You At the Pole prayer event at your school’s flagpole (usually the fourth Wednesday of September), consider participating.

For more possibilities, see 7 Ways to Say Morning Prayers with Your Kids.


Patron saints for your school day

Madeleine Sophie Barat (school girls)

Aloysius Gonzaga (Catholic school children)

Benedict of Nursia

Catherine of Alexandria

Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

Gemma Galgani

Isidore of Seville

Joseph of Cupertino


Tatiana of Rome

Thomas Aquinas