Taking Care of God’s creations

Things are looking a little different here on Teaching Catholic Kids. The monthly activities you have come to love will still live here but we are excited to offer you more resources to help, well, teach Catholic kids! Take a look around the site and feel free to comment with any questions you have. Check back each month, we will have new content waiting for you. We want to be your go-to site for resources that help your family learn and live the faith.

As summer winds down, our schedules will start to fill up. Take a minute this month to remember how we interact with our surroundings, both people and places. Let’s encourage our kids to be good stewards to all that God has created.

What is stewardship?

Celebrate August! Download the PDF

Saint for August: St. Clare


K through 5

A great lesson for kids to remember as they prepare for school!

Grades 6 and up

All about the Beatitudes.