The 10 Commandments: Love of Neighbor

The first three Commandments address our love for God. The last seven instruct us how to love our neighbor and ourselves.

Honor your father and your mother.

Treat your parents with respect. Show them gratitude and love.

  • Do I obey my parents and teachers? Am I cooperative and generous in my responses?
  • Have I talked back or with disrespect to those in authority over me?
  • Do I talk about my parents with love and respect?


You shall not kill.

All human life is sacred, from the moment of conception to natural death. Respect and protect the lives of others and your own life.

  • Do I treat others with respect and kindness?
  • Do I hurt others with words I say?
  • Have I wished that someone was out of my life and “dead” to me?


You shall not commit adultery.

Marriage requires faithful love and commitment between husband and wife. This commandment reminds us that marriage is a sacred bond.

  • Do I treat my body with respect?
  • Do I treat others’ bodies with respect?
  • Am I respectful of other people’s relationships (such as marriage) with each other?


You shall not steal.

Respect the things that belong to others. Do not steal or cheat. Protect the earth’s resources and work to preserve them.

  • Have I taken something that doesn’t belong to me? Or cheated on a test?
  • Have I downloaded something I did not pay for?
  • Do I act dishonestly or without telling the full truth, or do I encourage others to do so?


You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Always be honest and truthful. Do not say untruthful or negative things about others.

  • Have I told lies or things that were only partly true?
  • Have I posted unkind or untrue things about someone else on social media?
  • Do I make fun of people behind their backs?


You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

Show respect for your own body and the bodies of others.

  • Have I watched movies or shows that I should not have seen?
  • Have I tried to keep my mind on God?
  • Do I respect the rules and guidelines of sacramental marriage?


You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

Do not be jealous of other’s possessions. Be thankful for the gifts God has given you.

  • Am I happy with the things I have?
  • Am I jealous of other kids’ toys or clothes?
  • When I see celebrities or others who live extravagantly, do I obsess about wanting the things they have?