5 easy activities for a Lenten retreat for kids

Last year when Catholic mom Karrie Marascia was looking through her church bulletin, she saw that an adult Lenten retreat was being held for most of a Saturday. She had an idea about doing a smaller version of a retreat for her family and gave it a try with her eight children. Online you’ll find the activities, and how they worked out, from putting together blessing bags to an in-home Stations of the Cross.

8 simple ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s day with your kids

Today, most people celebrate St. Valentine’s day by exchanging tokens of love—cards, candy, flowers and the like. But the holiday began as a saint’s feast day, which means its original purpose was to celebrate Christian love and devotion to Christ—in the case of St. Valentine, love even in the face of death. Online you’ll find eight simple ways to remember, reflect and celebrate the feast of Saint Valentine.

The best practices for raising faith-filled kids

How do you raise faith-filled kids? By integrating the practice of the faith into the everyday life of your family, Here’s a roundup of the research from Catholic family faith formation expert John Roberto—including a list of the best practices of faith-filled families. The article was initially written for church professionals; because we think many parents will find in it a useful guide and inspiration for their own practice, you can read it in its entirety it online.