Our Lady of Guadalupe: Truly heaven-sent

Veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast day is December 12, is not limited to Catholics of Hispanic heritage. Indeed, she is the patroness of all America: North, Central and South, as Pope Pius XII designated in 1945. How did this come about? Find out online.

St. John Damascene

St. John Damascene is a Doctor of the Church, and the last of the Greek Fathers. He’s also called John of Damascus. He was born in Damascus, Syria, which was […]

St. Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier was born in Spain, but became the first missionary Jesuit. His first journey was to India, but he expanded his travels and ministry to Malaysia, Japan and even China. He baptized tens of thousands people and built more than forty churches. It’s said he was responsible for more conversions to Christianity than any one single person since St. Paul the Apostle. Learn more about him online.