Finishing the school year strong

As we slouch toward the end of the school year, I send my kids out the door each morning with the same refrain: “Finish strong!” I call to them as they head to the bus stop. They placate me with an insincere thumbs-up or grumble something I can’t quite make out, but at least I know they heard me. Here are four ways to help kids push themselves across their finish lines.

Let your light shine

Ahh, summer! There are so many things to love about the summer months — green grass underfoot, birds singing, piles of flip-flops at the door, family bike rides and crackling campfires under starry nights. Family road trips, vacations and camps provide new and fun opportunities to experience the excitement of summer and often create memories that last a lifetime. Summer is also a great time to add volunteering to your family to-do list and make special memories and connections you only get when you share your light with others.