Saint Blaise • Saint stories

St. Blaise, whose feast is celebrated on February 3, is another saint who lived a LONG time ago–during the 4th century, when being a Christian was a crime. He was a bishop and a doctor for people and animals. To avoid being caught, he lived in a cave outside of the city. Legend has it that sick animals would come to him to be cured. But if St. Blaise was praying, the animals would patiently wait so as not to disturb his prayers. On his feast day, some people go to church to have their throats blessed. You’ll find a St. Blaise activity online.

Saint Lawrence • Saint stories

Stir, mix, mix. Roll out the cookies. Pop them in the oven. Set the timer. The yummy smell of cookies drifts throughout your house bringing in your brothers and sisters. Your chocolate chip cookies are perfect! What saint do you give thanks to? Saint Lawrence! But why him?