St. Frances de Sales

When Saint Francis de Sales was born in 1567 in Thorens-Glières, France, his father had his life planned out for him. This life would be one of nobility, with a career in law that would culminate with his appointment as a magistrate. Francis’ earthly father planned a prosperous and prestigious future for him, but it turned out that his heavenly Father had other plans. Find out about those plans online.

The childhood of St. Marianne Cope

The family of Barbara Koob — St. Marianne’s birth name — emigrated from Germany for America the year after her birth in 1838, and the immigrant family’s name became Cope. Although she felt called to religious life, Cope began factory work after eighth grade to help her family’s finances when her father became ill. When her father died in 1862, Cope could finally profess vows with the Franciscan Sisters in Syracuse. The newly named Sister Marianne soon began service in German immigrant schools. Discover more about her life and watch a short video online.

St. Agnes of Rome

Called Agnes of Rome in some lists, she was a virgin and martyr, held in esteem by the Church since her death. There is no documented evidence about the martyrdom of Agnes, although her feast day was assigned early and her grave near the Via Nomentana was recognized soon after her death. She was young when martyred; St. Ambrose stated that she was only twelve, and he testified about her death. Watch the video about her life online.

Baptism of Our Lord

On Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. Take some time this month to talk to your kids about their own baptism (even if you’ve told the story before!). Talk about who was there, how their godparents were chosen and the celebration after the ritual. Our kids love to hear fun details — our oldest dropped his pacifier in the font and our youngest howled loudly throughout the blessed event. What a great time to share that Jesus is with us always, even when things don’t go as perfectly as planned. Read the complete reflection online.