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St. Scholastica is not as well known as her brother, St. Benedict, but God listened to her prayer more than her brother’s!

Scholastica and her brother Benedict lived during the sixth century in Italy. Both she and her brother dedicated their lives to God. Benedict started a religious order that is still in existence today — the Benedictines. There is little information about Scholastica, but it is thought that she may have started a convent near her brother’s monastery. She was probably the abbess (head nun) of that convent.

Each year Scholastica and Benedict would meet at a place not far from either of their convents to pray together and for Scholastica to receive spiritual counsel from her brother.

The last time the two met it was a beautifully clear day. After their meal together, Scholastica begged her brother to stay the night so they could spend a little more time together. Benedict refused saying he must get back to his monastery. Scholastica then bowed her head and prayed fervently to God. Thunder crackled and the sky lit up with lightening. A fierce storm began to rage outside. The wind and rain made it impossible for Benedict to return to the monastery. “What have you done?” Benedict cried.

Scholastica replied, “See, I asked you, and you would not listen to me. So I asked my Lord, and he has listened to me. Now then, go, if you can. Leave me, and go back to the monastery.”

The next morning Benedict returned to his monastery. Three days later, while looking out his window he saw his sister’s soul fly up to heaven.

Feast day: Feb. 10

St. Scholastica, pray for us!

Activity: Make it rain! (in a jar)

A responsible adult must help with this activity!


  • Glass mason jar  (a canning jar works great)
  • Boiling hot water
  • Ceramic plate
  • ice

Adult: Heat some water in a pot to boiling temperature.

Place the jar on a heat-resistant surface.

Pour the boiling water into the jar.

Place the ceramic plate over the top of the jar and let it sit there for about a minute.

Place a bunch of ice on top of the plate. Do not remove the plate from the top of the jar.

After a minute or so it should begin to “rain” in the glass jar. (You will see droplets of water running down the inside of the jar.)