St. Charles Borromeo


What would you do if you knew you had only 15 more minutes to live? When St. Charles Borromeo was asked that question, he was playing pool. His answer? “Keep playing billiards.”

Such a witty yet pragmatic answer was the hallmark of St. Charles’ life. He believed in living every aspect of his life — even his recreation — for the greater glory of God. St. Charles (1538-1584) was the son of a count and the sister of Pope Pius IV. Raised in luxury and prestige, he gave up his title and honors to become a priest and later was named archbishop. Much of his life was spent dealing with disasters such as the plague and widespread famine. At one time, he was feeding 3,000 people a day!

He was highly involved in the Council of Trent, which guided the Catholic Counter-Reformation. St. Charles oversaw the creation of the catechism, missal and breviary called for by the council. His work led to the creation of the prototype for our religious education programs.

In his memory:

  • Play a game of pool
  • Watch the DVD “Saint Charles Borromeo,” hosted by Bob and Penny Lord
  • Donate to a food bank or mission