Carrying the light of Easter

Oh, is there no greater joy to be felt than every Easter when we read of the stone being rolled away and the angels declaring, “He has risen!”. As we leave Mass on Easter morning, perhaps the sun is shining on us. Maybe the early birds have returned from their winter away, flitting and calling among the open branches. Some of us may jump over puddles of melted snow on our way to our cars or homes, thankful for warmer days. Maybe you are holding your child’s hand as you walk and wonder how you could make this joyful moment last forever. Talk About It: How do you carry the light of Easter with you throughout the year?

Full spring ahead

If your family is like mine, the Church calendar gets a little slippery about now. Easter Sunday was several weeks ago. The Ascension is on May 29, or is that the Assumption? I always get those two mixed up. What seems to be the “main events” of the liturgical calendar are now behind us, so we lose track. Here are three ways for you and your family to stay connected to the Church through the spring and summer.