The Trinity in real life: We need each other


Friends, family, co-workers, siblings — we need one another. Like our God, it is our nature to be interactive, not isolated. John’s Gospel reminds us that just as Jesus is one with God, so we are to be unified with one another.

After all, if we truly believe in a God who exists as three beings in one, then we believe in a God who is relational. Even in God’s self, God is in community. God’s outreach to human beings in the Incarnation of Christ and the activity of the Holy Spirit is a reflection of this relational nature. Put simply, God wants to be in relationship with us! And, likewise, we who were created in God’s image and likeness have a deeply rooted need to be in relationship with God and one another.

The Trinity in Real Life

The Trinity can be a model for our relationships on earth. Just as Father, Son and Spirit are joined, so we are joined together in our families. Each member of the family has a different role to play and unique talents to share, but we are all unified in holy relationship.

The Trinity reminds us that we are not to be alone in the world. In our modern world, it is very easy to stare at the computer all day or communicate with others solely via e-mail. The temptation to keep our ipod earbuds in and shut the rest of the world out is a strong one! But we, who were created in the image and likeness of the Triune God, were created for community.

The Trinity is a model relationship in a society filled with unjust systems. Because of human sinfulness, we are not always kind to one another. The ideal human community should be structured like the divine community with mutuality, fairness, equality and reciprocity among its members.