Grandparent’s Day


“Very often it is grandparents who ensure that the most important values are passed down to their grandchildren, and many people can testify that they owe their initiation into the Christian life to their grandparents.”
– Pope Francis, apostolic exhortation The Joy of Love

Grandparents support family values, affirm spiritual traditions, share faith experiences and offer unconditional love. Their memories form a special link between the past and the present. Their wisdom becomes the foundation upon which children can build their future. Today, we celebrate grandparents and all the ways grandparents help reinforce the faith to our children.

  • Reach out to your children’s grandparents today. If you aren’t good about speaking to them regularly, set-up a time to call them. Take advantage of technology to send photos and video.
  • Don’t just stop at sending that photo! In our digital centered world, we neglect to print and frame photos. Pick a photo of your child with their grandparents (perhaps something from their last sacrament), print it and frame it for your child’s room.
  • If your child has lost a grandparent, say a special prayer for them. Tell a story that highlights their commitment to family and faith.