7 thoughts on “Lectio divina for kids: Teach your kids to pray with Scripture

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    Sr. Lieu Nguyen says:

    Hello, my name is Sr. Lieu Nguyen, LHC. I really like this explanation of the Lectio Divina for children. I am preparing for a catechetical conference based on this year’s catechetical them “Prayer: The Faith Prayed”. May I use these steps from your blog to print into our booklet for the use of our catechists to teach the students during the year?

    Thank you. In Christ,
    Sr. Lieu Nguyen, LHC

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    Cassi L says:

    Thank you! I have heard the term “lectio divina” before and thought I needed to incorporate it into our life. We’ve already been doing it, and I didn’t realize it! This is how most presentations in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd are laid out. It is still something I would like to do more often, but it is nice to know it is already a familiar practice for us.

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    Susan E. Anthony says:

    I am the coordinator of the Parish School of Religion at St. Theodore Parish in Wentzville, MO. This is an excellent article that I am going to share with my parents and teachers. Thank you so much for ALL the awesome ideas and teaching ideas that you share.

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    Michelle Gelineau says:

    Jerry, you really hit a home run with this one. Thank you so much for putting it together! I love the explanations and the examples. What a beautiful way to introduce children to the living Word of God. It is also great for adults of course. My husband and I recently starting do it with a couples group and have been very blessed by our time together.

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