4 tips to help you remain devoted to your Lenten sacrifice


Keep a crucifix nearby. A glance at the cross can remind us of the sacrifice the Lord made for us. It also demonstrates His great love for us. Perhaps we can keep a cross in our pockets during those 40 days. When we feel tempted to deviate from our sacrifices, we can clutch that cross in the hope of being given the strength we need.

Teaching Catholic Kids tip: Keeping reminders of Christ around the house is always a good idea, whether it’s Lent or not. Gather around your family’s favorite crucifix and pray together.

Have a traveling companion during Lent who can help us be accountable. This could be a spiritual director, confessor, spouse, friend or fellow parishioner. They can serve as a coach to us. We can do the same for them.

Teaching Catholic Kids tip: Check-in with kids often. Share your process or struggles with them. Encourage them to talk about how they are feeling.

A pair of shoes can convey a special poignancy. Jesus says, “Follow me.” We are to follow Him and walk in His footprints which inevitably take us to Calvary. Our faith tells us though that there is more to the story—the glory of the resurrection.

Teaching Catholic Kids tip: Have kids pick a special token or toy that helps them keep Christ front and center during the Lenten season. (Tiny Saints are a cute little charm they can put on their shoes or jacket!)

Lent, with all of its introspection and solitude, is a prime time to journal. When we write something down it can be so revealing. Journaling through Lent can help us hold true to our Lenten sacrifices. Writing is not only therapeutic but it also makes us accountable.

Teaching Catholic Kids tip: Keep a chart on the fridge with the family’s Lenten commitments written down. (Try this one if you haven’t yet!) As a family write down ways you succeeded and ways to improve.

Teaching Catholic Kids tips from staff. All other text by Bishop David Bonnar.