4 tips to help you remain devoted to your Lenten sacrifice

How can we remain devoted to our Lenten sacrifice? We have some tips on the web site to help you out. Here’s one: Keep a cruxifix nearby. A glance at the cross can remind us of the sacrifice the Lord made for us. It also demonstrates His great love for us. Perhaps we can keep a cross in our pockets during those 40 days. When we feel tempted to deviate from our sacrifices, we can clutch that cross in the hope of being given the strength we need. Find more tips online.

Five tips for celebrating First Communion without stress

Catholic mom Sarah Reinhard has celebrated three first Communions. That doesn’t make her an expert, but she has learned some things along the way. Online you’ll find five pointers that have helped her let go of the stress and embrace the beauty of the sacrament, from remembering to smile to keeping in mind the sacredness of the day.