Mother’s Day musings


First, it seems impossible that Mother’s Day is this weekend! I have no idea what my family has in store for me (if anything!) but I think I’ll download and print these coupons for them to give me. (Next year, I’m adding another coupon, one free get the kids dressed for Mass on Sunday.) And if by some miracle I have some alone time on Sunday, I think I’ll take some time to continue reading Leaving Boyhood Behind. As a mother to 3 little boys, it’s becoming increasingly clear that I need to embrace their natural desire for physicality. This book is helping me understand how to channel that need into helping them become well-rounded, spiritually mature men. My boys are young so it’s hard to imagine “cutting them loose” someday. But it’s so important for them to have a marked break from boyhood into manhood. The more prepared I am to help them enter manhood, the better they will be for serving others in whatever vocation they choose.

Second, I thought I’d use this Five for Friday to let you know about some exciting things happening here at Our Sunday Visitor has acquired Peanut Butter and Grace. In the coming months, content from their web site will migrate over to Teaching Catholic Kids. Peanut Butter and Grace books will now be available through the OSV Catholic Bookstore. Check out the new releases to see some of the new family and children’s book offerings. The Peanut Butter and Grace content is a perfect fit for this site and I’m so happy to both welcome Peanut Butter and Grace readers as well as introduce Teaching Catholic Kids readers to the fantastic content Peanut Butter and Grace has given us.

Finally, I wanted to point out a invaluable feature on our sister site, We want your prayer requests. I assure you, people are praying for your intentions daily!