Play-Doh with a Catholic twist


There’s a time in every mom’s life when she has to face the facts.

Either she is OK with that gushy, squishy, colorful blob of mess…

…or she is not.

Yes, I’m talking about Play-Doh. Whether you buy the stuff from the store or craft your own all-natural version at home, chances are you’ve had to face this particular battle.

I didn’t realize, until I had my first toddler, a round yellow jar in each of her chubby fists, that I was raised by an Anti-Play-Doh Mom. “Yeah, I just couldn’t stand it,” my mom admitted on the phone when we were chatting and I was gushing about how fabulous Play-Doh was. “It got into everything.”

Apparently, I have a higher tolerance for the ubiquity of Play-Doh in my carpet, furniture, and eating utensils.

September 16 is National Play-Doh Day, and that got our team inspired. So here we go…

But first, make your own frappé.

Because craft projects are best when mama has something of her own, in my experience. ???? You could go to the corner coffee shop and spend $5 on a nice frothy frappé, or you could buy some Nescafé and make your own in about five minutes anytime you want to (office or home).

Pretty Play-Doh pictures

The official Play-Doh Instagram feed is nothing less than delightful. Of course, I’m viewing it as pretty pictures, not as possibilities for copying. I suspect, though, that when I show it to my daughters (ages 13 and 10), they will suddenly be inspired to take up the Play-Doh their younger brothers have squandered on tractors and sand piles.

Catholic Play-Doh “cookies”

Leave it to Lacy. There is no craft that woman can’t conquer, and if it can be made Catholic, she’s on it. Check out these Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart “cookies” she made with her kids. Granted, she made actual cookies. Not being a baker, and inspired by the Play-Doh feed I mentioned above, I say we try these with Play-Doh! Who’s with me?

Pray with Play-Doh

Now here’s an idea: Use Play-Doh to keep little hands busy while you’re praying the Rosary! As a mom of boys, I so relate with Amy when she said, “I needed to come up with a hands-on way for my boys to learn and practice the rosary.” She’s put together two printable mats AND she shares her homemade recipe.

A Play-Doh poem

There’s nothing inherently Catholic about this Play-Doh poem, except that I found it through a Catholic grade school in New Zealand. I enjoyed it, though, and I think it could be fun to read and share with my kids.

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