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One glorious fall day, a wealthy family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Her curls fell just perfectly; her smile made people’s hearts glow.

“She will be sure to marry someone great and powerful when she is older,” said her father.

Back in those days, it was very common for a wealthy family to have a nurse raise their children. This is what happened with Regina. But Regina’s parents did not realize that her nurse was Christian. Every day the nurse taught Regina the catechism.

“Who made you, Regina?” asked the nurse.

“God made me,” replied Regina.

“Who are the three persons in one God, Regina?” asked the nurse.

“The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” Regina said.

“Good job!” said the nurse.*

With each passing day, Regina learned more about the faith and fell in love with it. But her parents didn’t know. Her parents were pagans … they believed in many gods.

One day when Regina was old enough, she asked to be baptized. What a joyful day it was for both Regina and the nurse! Regina also promised God that she would remain a virgin and never marry. But when Regina’s parents found out, they were furious.

“You did what?” screamed her parents. “But we are pagans! Deny this foolish Christian faith!”

But Regina refused to deny the faith, and her parents declared she was no longer part of the family. She couldn’t live with them anymore, and they would no longer pay for her food and clothing. Poor Regina! Going from a life where she had everything to having nothing. But she had her faith, and she accepted her new life as God’s will. She took a job as a shepherdess in the hills, and spent her days caring for the sheep and praying.

One day an important nobleman named Olybrius rode his horse in the hills where Regina tended her sheep. When he saw Regina he thought she was beautiful. However, he could tell she was a Christian. Olybrius ordered her to deny her faith and worship the false gods. This, of course, she refused to do. Because of her refusal, he ordered her to be tortured and killed. After she was killed, her soul flew to heaven where she is filled with joy. Saint Regina is the patron saint of poor people.

Feast day: September 7

St. Regina, pray for us!

* There is very little known about St. Regina. I have added to the few known facts to make a more interesting story.

Activity: What can you give away?


Quite often my closets get full of clothes. Either the clothes no longer fit, or I am just tired of wearing that outfit.

What should you do with your old or unused clothes? If you have younger siblings, it is a great idea to save your clothes for them. But what about those clothes you know they will never wear, or what if you are the youngest sibling? There are many places your parents can take those items to donate, or maybe you have friends who would like them.

With the help of your mom or dad, go through your closet and dresser. Pull out items you no longer wear, and donate them—to another family, a donation center or your younger siblings.

It feels good when you give things away, and also it makes it so much easier to keep your closet and drawers neat.