Why you should take little kids to Mass

If you’re like me, going to Mass with your kids isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Prying the children away from their Sunday morning play is often a 30-minute affair, one where the race to put shoes on children’s feet functions as a replacement for any planned weekend cardio. Even devout parents occasionally wonder to themselves, “What am I doing? Why do I endure this circus from week to week?” In the midst of the current scandals of the Church, I’m sure many parents have thought to themselves at least once or twice, “Will I really be missed?”

Full spring ahead

If your family is like mine, the Church calendar gets a little slippery about now. Easter Sunday was several weeks ago. The Ascension is on May 29, or is that the Assumption? I always get those two mixed up. What seems to be the “main events” of the liturgical calendar are now behind us, so we lose track. Here are three ways for you and your family to stay connected to the Church through the spring and summer.