1 thought on “Zoo in a pew: Tips for managing behavior at Mass

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    Norma says:

    Wow – love this topic Tips for Managing kids behavior at Mass – I had 2 boys and it was a zoo taking them to Mass; one was fidgety and other followed his brother. Out Church at the time had more older parishioners then younger ones so I saw many times the “looks” for the older parishioners as I dealt with the boys. I now have 2 grandchildren and sure enough same issue – but if I give them an acitivity (books on Jesus, etc. they love it; and are kept quiet most of the time) and of course I try to explain what is happening during the Mass. And our Church is now a half mix of older and younger parishioners so I don’t get “looks” like used too! Good tips and I felt better knowing my kids are not “statues” in Church 🙂

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