Have fun with the Rosary (no, really)


I have a love-hate relationship with the Rosary. It’s not so different from how I feel about exercise. They both yield good — great! — results, but they also need an investment of time and effort.

If am struggling with it, how am I supposed to get my kids to do it willingly?

Here are some resources to help you (and me!) introduce the children in your life to the rosary…and maybe plant the seeds of a lifelong devotion!

Learn together

The first step, I’ve found, is to take the first step. These tips will help.

And if you had any doubts about how to pray the rosary, here’s an easy video you can watch with your kids.

Keep moving

Who says the rosary can’t be fun? Take this idea of rosary hopscotch and make it your own. (I’m thinking of the old Twister mats I’ve seen floating around our playroom…) And talk about keeping the kids active while you pray… 😉

Don’t want to hop around for your rosary? Sara has a great shower curtain rosary idea (and other ideas for using a shower curtain for games and fun things, too!).

Crafty fun

Pipe cleaners and beads = easy rosary! Don’t let the ease of this turn you off to ideas of involving older kids, though.

Mind you, making a craft doesn’t equal praying a rosary…but taking the time to make something with your hands can make you more interested in what the thing you’re making is used for. Tap into that!