The Rosary: Mysteries


To pray the Rosary:

1. Make the Sign of the Cross and pray the Apostles’ Creed.
2. Pray an Our Father.
3. Prayer three Hail Marys and one Glory Be.
4. Announce the mystery and pray the Our Father.
5. Pray ten Hail Marys and one Glory Be.
6. Pray the Hail, Holy Queen.



(Mondays and Saturdays)
As we hold our rosary and pray the Hail Mary over and over again, we think about happy times in Mary’s life. We call these the Joyful Mysteries.

The Annunciation: The angel Gabriel asks Mary to be the Mother of Jesus.

The Visitation: Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s baby (St. John the Baptist) recognizes Mary’s baby (Jesus). Both babies are still in the womb!

The Nativity: Mary gives birth to Jesus in a manger.

The Presentation: Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple, and Simeon and Anna recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

The Finding in the Temple: Mary and Joseph fear Jesus is lost. They find him teaching in the Temple.


As we pray the Hail Marys, we think about the public ministry of Jesus. We call these the Luminous Mysteries. Luminous means light. Light helps us to understand.

The Baptism of Jesus: Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.

The Wedding at Cana: Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding celebration.

The Proclamation of the Kingdom: Jesus talks about putting God first in our lives.

The Transfiguration: Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on a mountain. He talks with Moses and Elijah. He is shining.

The Giving of the Eucharist: Jesus gives us his Body and Blood for the first time at the Last Supper.


(Tuesdays and Fridays)
As we pray the Hail Mary over and over again, we think about the very difficult times in Jesus’ life. We call these the Sorrowful Mysteries.

The Agony in the Garden: Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, but his disciples fall asleep.

The Scourging at the Pillar: Jesus is arrested and taken to the jail where the soldiers make fun of him and whip him.

The Crowning of Thorns: The soldiers take a thorny vine, wind it in circles and press it on Jesus’ head.

The Carrying of the Cross: Jesus is forced to carry the heavy wood of the cross.

The Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross.


(Wednesdays and Sundays)
As we pray the Hail Marys, we think about the wonderful times in Jesus’ life and in Mary’s life after the Crucifixion. We call these the Glorious Mysteries.

The Resurrection: Jesus rises from the dead.

The Ascension: Jesus ascends to heaven after telling his disciples that he will be with them in Spirit forever.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit comes as a wonderful gift from Jesus to teach our hearts and minds about God.

The Assumption: Mary is taken up into heaven, body and soul.

The Coronation: God gives Mary a special place in heaven, crowning her Queen of Heaven and Earth.