Valentine’s Day and the works of mercy


Now that it’s February, it doesn’t feel crazy to talk about the riotous pink that’s been exploding all around us since the day after Christmas.

My cool find of the week, for all you crafty types, courtesy of Catholic Icing: Bible verse Valentines!

Image from Catholic Icing

Lacy tells you what candy to pair with each one, and she also gives you ideas if you’re the crafty sort who wants to make them for yourself instead of printing them.

And St. Valentine is quite a saint. Share the story with this cute coloring book and watch this video with the kids in your life.

While Valentine’s Day is often associated with candy, flowers, and romance, why not use it as an opportunity to practice some of the works of mercy? The Catholic Company has a great infographic that outlines what they are and whether they’re spiritual or corporal.

Image from the Catholic Company

Lisa Cotter has assembled a list of 50 corporal works of mercy ideas that could be easily inspire you.

An easy application that comes to mind for the spiritual works of mercy is to pray a spiritual bouquet for someone (perhaps a rosary). You could also have a Mass offered for someone, living or dead.

There’s nothing saying you can’t enjoy some sweets on Valentine’s Day (or some flowers, for that matter). But this can be an opportunity to do something a little more and learn an important lesson in what God offers each of us.

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