Back-to-school round-up: Prayers, resources, and fun for your family


Whether you’re a back-to-school pro or facing hurdles you never imagined, we’ve pulled together some fun links and resources from around the Catholic interwebs.

Send a prayer card or print a scripture card

It’s all too easy to think that older kids don’t need us. Don’t be fooled…and don’t think there’s nothing you can do. Whether it’s dropping a Scripture note in their lunches, folding a prayer card into their folded laundry, or emailing them a prayer card…there’s a LOT you can do.

Novena kicking off the school year

You can start a back-to-school novena anytime in the first trimester…and why not? Busted Halo has a good one…and why not invite the kids to join you?

Make some resolutions

The beginning of the school year marks a great time for setting resolutions. Tami Kiser lists a few that her family will be implementing. Why not try this yourself?

Helping kids manage anxiety

Do you have a child who struggles with anxiety, especially as you’re settling into the new school year? Ashley Jonkman shares eight tips that you may find helpful.