Celebrating all of the Christmas season


Merry Christmas! Because it’s still Christmas! It’s a whole SEASON that begins on December 25 and stretches until the Baptism of the Lord!

But don’t let that overwhelm you. (There’s enough of that this time of year!) Many years, for my family, celebrating the full Christmas season is as simple as leaving up our Christmas decorations until at least Epiphany. (Some years I make it all the way to the Lord’s Baptism. Other years, not so much.)

Keep listening to Christmas music, especially if you were not turning it up during Advent. We’re celebrating! Let the party continue! We have fasted; let us feast!

Use the Christmas season to perform works of mercy. This is an ongoing reminder to each of us of the importance of reaching out to the poor, the oppressed, and all of those who need our help.  The USCCB’s Christmas site has a Christmas calendar with suggestions for each of the days. January 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation, which means we have an opportunity to kick off the year honoring Mary, Mother of God.

That Artist Woman has a Marian art project that may be something you may enjoy. (If you don’t have pastels, you can use crayons.)

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