Getting ready for Advent


There’s no snow, but there’s a promise in my children’s eyes. You see, we can call this “pre-Advent” or “not Christmas” as much as we want, but my kids know.

They know who’s watching them. One of them has been playing Christmas music for weeks now. (I object to this loudly. And often. And in vain.)

They also know that Christmas isn’t as much about the presents as it is about the people. (Well, OK, so I’m being mostly hopeful here.) When I came across this idea of the four-gift rule, I recognized it less for a way to remain frugal but more as a way to move the focus from consumerism to something else.

And the “something else” is really what I want to spend Advent building up to, as best I can. This year, I think we may try this 25 Days of Service Advent calendar. I love the focus on what Christmas is leading up to, and the intentionality of tying in service.

You’ll be hearing plenty of Christmas music, but have you considered Advent music? Try searching for Advent playlists wherever you listen to your music (there are quite a few on Spotify). You can also use this list as a starting point.

My husband has made me promise to keep our Advent wreath tucked away for another year or two, until our youngest is a little safer around the flames. But oh! There’s hope…have you heard about flameless candles? You can use them in a variety of ways, find them in a variety of places, and find yourself safe from the house burning down (at least, safe from it burning down because of the Advent candles).

So that means I can glory in the Advent wreath ideas and pick one. (Or just unpack the one I’ve always used.)