Green up your space


Come to the Table:

Evergreens around a candle or mixed with pine cones make a beautiful centerpiece for a dining or coffee table and serve a daily
reminder of God’s renewal.

Open the Door:

Hanging a sprig of evergreen above your front door is a great way to welcome guests with warmth and hospitality.

Create a New Year Tree:

If you have an artificial tree, remove some of the more traditional Christmas ornaments and replace them with birds, peace signs, crosses and strings of beads — these are all appropriate to celebrate a New Year filled with God’s blessings.

Focus on Christ:

A sprig of evergreen near a crucifix helps us remember that Christ’s love is everlasting.

Remember the Children:

Place an evergreen branch in your kids’ rooms (on the dresser, in a bookcase, above the closet) to keep the magic of the season alive a little longer.