Nontraditional First Communion gift ideas for boys


So far, I’ve had two of my kids receive their First Communion. This April marks the celebration of my third kid’s First Communion, and also my first boy.

As I was thinking about an appropriate gift for him, I realized a few facts. First, I don’t remember what we got our girls for their First Communion. I have no idea. I’m not even sure my girls would remember if I asked them.

But that leads me to the second realization: The gift of the day is the Eucharist. Truly. You get to receive Jesus, body and soul, blood and divinity. He is INSIDE YOU. Nothing anyone gives you can top that!

Even so, we’ll give our boy a gift. Here are some of my favorites in my searching and seeking for a gift idea. My priority is two-fold: keeping my little guy close to Jesus and helping him remember how special the day is.

Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

While he doesn’t yet have his own bible, I have no doubt that his godmother has already thought of that. (She’s cool that way.) And, looking at this Catechism of the Seven Sacraments (made with Legos®), I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I want to get this as much for myself as for him…

Fr. Leopold Mass set

What’s not to love? I foresee that there will be other Lego guys (and not a few superheroes) also involved with this one…

And how about this for a card to go with either or both of the above?

A Swiss Army Knife

Some gifts just need the right messaging.

Thanks to Peanut Blossom, I found this great idea: Get a Swiss Army knife and include this message: “Remember, God always has a solution.” There are multiple colors and options (you can get a super fancy one, or one that just has two blades and scissors).

Light-up terrarium

My son loves science and dirt. (Come to think of it, most boys do.) That makes this terrarium a great fit.

Pair it with a message to the effect of “May you see God’s love growing all around you.” Thanks to Peanut Blossom for another great suggestion!

A rugged rosary

Because what’s First Communion without a rosary? However, who’s to say your rosary can’t be something like what Rugged Rosaries has to offer?

Their rosaries are made from paracord, so they’re tough, and they have a variety of styles. For the boys in my life, this is a tangible way of making the idea of the rosary as a spiritual weapon into more than just talk.

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