Praying the Rosary together

Sometimes, the hardest part about praying a rosary with kids is keeping their hands busy. Dianna Kennedy shares these printable rosary cards as a solution for that. Bonus: They’re super cute, too!

If you don’t want to spend the $7.99 for the download, consider getting five index cards (or even pieces of paper) for each set of rosaries you’re going to pray. Draw ten circles on each card, and have the kids color a circle in with each Hail Mary you pray. It’s not as pretty, but it accomplishes the same purpose: Keeping them busy while you pray!

And if you want something already pre-made, check out Brother Francis’ Rosary Fan, with bright illustrations and sturdy structure.

Another way to keep those little hands (and even the bigger hands) busy is to print off coloring sheets.

You can also buy a coloring book — this Brother Francis coloring book includes activities and this mysteries of the rosary coloring book looks great, too.

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