Helping kids cope with the coronavirus outbreak

Now that the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, and cases of the virus are spreading throughout the United States, we are witnessing an unprecedented series of cancellations and closures. Many people are also struggling with anxiety around questions: “Will my family get sick?”; “How long will it last?”; and “Will I have the things I need?” Kids, too, can get anxious, especially as they see the stress of adults around them. How can we help kids cope with the stress of the outbreak and its ongoing effects to our everyday lives? Find Doctor White’s suggestions online.

Helping kids understand the dignity of others

In his Theology of the Body, St. John Paul II argued that the opposite of love isn’t hate. The opposite of love is “use” — that is, when you use somebody. When you love somebody, you treat them like a person. You build them up. You make them feel special. In some way — big or small — you help them grow into a stronger, better, happier, healthier or holier version of themselves. That’s what love does. Find more about helping kids understand the dignity of others.